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About Us
We are a North American Company with brand development (Brandev) experience in the Food & Beverage industry in the extended Middle East area (EMEA).

We consolidate distribution in over 12 major markets, a total of 170 million consumers with good purchasing power.

We believe in the brand development potential in our markets, achieved in accordance with brand owner’s strategy and our execution in the EMEA.

We look forward to developing your brand in the EMEA.

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Brandev EMEA

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Your Brand, Your Strategy

with Our Local Know-How

Growth: since 1997 always achieving and building experiences on Brand Development …

Efficiency: little overheads with large sales bring in the value for Brand Owners

Simplification: many markets consolidated in One-Point-Contact

Reliability: Proven and earned every day with our partners

Brandev EMEA Services’ Benefits:

  • One-Point-Contact in North America consolidating several international markets
  • Supporting Food & Beverage Companies to develop their international business
  • Service provided at no additional cost to brand owners
  • Service built on experience, local know-how and presence across the EMEA
  • Speaking the same business language as brand owners & adapting it in our execution
  • Quick and efficient planning process and market entry
  • Professional distribution handling, marketing and reporting
  • Solid financial handling on the markets and to brand owners
  • Assuming financial risk, and simplifying it into one contact
  • One legal relationship with Brandev EMEA in North America,
  • saving brand owners several legal contracts across the markets
  • Our model is running successfully for several companies

+ 63% CAGR over 3 years …

This is your chance! Jump in now and give your business a boost!

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